About Secret Plan 158

I’ve been an acrobat for longer than I’ve been a software engineer. The two go surprisingly well together.

If the house were on fire and I could only save one possession, my Secret Plans file would be safe. I started making the list when I was eight, but didn’t start writing them down until I was almost thirty. Most of the plans are secret, but I’ll write about some of them here.

Secret Plan 158: What would I do with three months off work?

I work with the most talented people I’ve ever met, in a fantastic company, in an insanely awesome location. I’ve been there for a very long time, and have just finished huge cool project, and now I’ve finally got a chance to put SP158 into action.

Here’s the plan:

What would you do with a 3 month vacation from work? ‘Cause it might be time to do it.

  • Wake up early, go play outside.
  • Spend a lot of time with my muse.
  • Hang out with friends I never get to see.
  • Spend some time helping pilot-basejumping-brother build an airplane.
  • Go visit ultra-acrobat-surfer brother in Las Vegas.
  • Hang with lifelong best friend and horror-screenwriter.
  • Take classes at The Crucible & TechShop.
  • Work on Secret Plan 157 (this one has to do with cryptography).
  • Talk to a lawyer about Secret Plans 161 and 119.
  • Learn a new acrobat skill ar Circus Center (possibly German wheel).
  • Go visit Mom & Dad & Grandma.
  • Hand with some serious acrobat friends and see if they’ve got use for an apprentice or a worker drone.
  • If random stunt jobs or acting opportunities appear, take them. It’s been known to happen.
  • Attend some of the great luncheon seminars at BQIC, and find out if they want some volunteer programming labor (it’s the best way I can think of to get current on what they’re up to).
  • Go to some LongNow lectures and events.
  • Keep a camera handy and make a blog.

I’m guessing that even if less than half of this happens, the time will be over far too quickly. Only one way to find out! The clock starts now.

3 thoughts on “About Secret Plan 158

  1. I’m very much enjoying this. Gives me something more to do after rigorous days of reckless swinging. Enjoy your muse…

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